Kauri Bushman’s Reserve

Day 5, Saturday 26 August 2017

The Kauri Bushman’s Reserve is a small patch of kauri forest preserved in tribute to the kauri bushmen who worked before the First World War. There’s a short walk in the forest. It’s a lovely peaceful place. I came within about a metre of a kererū. I also saw a couple of painted stones. I was aware of this activity, but haven’t seen any of the stones before.

The reserve is a kilometre of unsealed road from state highway 12, just west of Paparoa. The road is pretty muddy and would not be suitable for road bikes if it was wet.

Afterwards, I went exploring, taking Ararua Road north to Waiotira. About 20 km of Ararua Road is gravel, and quite a lot of that is unpleasant to ride on, as gravel goes. There’s some pretty scenery along the way.

Distance travelled: 337 km. Total distance so far: 861 km.

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