One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie)

Day 12, Saturday 2 September 2017

One Tree Hill is one of Auckland’s iconic volcanic cones, with a obelisk on its summit intended as a memorial to the Māori people, even though the expectation that the race would die out was clearly incorrect by the time the obelisk was erected in the 1940s.

I rode there this morning shortly before dawn, and took the photo below as it started to become light. It was raining steadily, which is why there was water on the camera lens!

There were a surprising number of people walking and jogging in the park around the cone. As there was almost no traffic, they were using the road, and although some had light coloured clothing making them visible, many had dark clothing and were hard to see.

Cornwall Park, which is adjacent, doesn’t open until 7 am, but the gates were open when I reached them half an hour earlier, so I rode out through that park. When I reached the other side of it, the gates there were locked. I think the workers at the cafe in the park probably arrived early and unlocked the first set of gates. Rather than wait for the second set to be unlocked, I rode back the way I had come.


Distance travelled: 16 km. Total distance so far: 1736 km

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