Day 22, Tuesday 12 September 2017

I led a group of Ulyssians over country roads in the Waikato today. It rained as we started out but became fine early in the ride. We stopped to stretch our legs at a crossroads in Matahuru with a little hall beside the road. This locality has the Matahuru hill, Matahuru River and Matahuru Wetlands. There’s a marae and was once a school, but it’s pretty obscure. Searching old papers finds occasional articles about events at the hall: dances and meetings.

Each road at the crossroads provides a nice ride. Taniwha road goes north towards the Maramarua Forest and State Highway 2. Matahuru Road is a gravel road which goes northeast to Highway 27, with nice views over the Waikato. Storey Road goes south to Tahuna Road, and Waiterimu Road goes southwest to Lake Waikare. We got here on Taniwha Road, then took Waiterimu Road and went north along the eastern shore of the lake to have lunch at Te Kauwhata.


Distance travelled: 213 km. Total distance so far: 3183 km

3 thoughts on “Matahuru

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