Day 30, Wednesday 20 September 2017

My new bike now has a Scottoiler and a GPS mount. I consider these essential accessories.

A Scottoiler applies small amounts of oil to the chain at regular intervals when the engine is running. It means I don’t have to clean and oil the chain manually after each ride, and prolongs chain and sprocket life considerably. Some of my friends say they get less than 20,000 km out of a manually-oiled chain. I got 75,000 km out of my last chain, and I’m not as scrupulous about checking the scottoiler setting as I could be.

A GPS takes the worry out of finding an unfamiliar destination. I find myself much more willing to act as group leader when I don’t have to memorise a route. The disadvantage of relying too much on a GPS is that one’s map-reading and memorising skills deteriorate with lack of use. I like to plan my route initially using a paper map, and use the GPS while on the road.

Other essential accessories, in my opinion, are heated grips (for anywhere in New Zealand, despite the moderate climate in my area), and some luggage, whether panniers, topbox or pack rack. Fortunately, my new bike has these.

For an adventure bike, a bash plate is essential to protect the motor should you find an unexpected rock on a dirt road or while off-road. My new bike has this. Crash bars are also necessary to reduce damage in the event of an involuntary dismount. I would like to fit these, but they are out of stock at present. I have them on back order. Barkbusters (handguards) are fitted, but I am unsure of the value of these as I already have heated grips.

Distance travelled: 10 km. Total distance so far: 3913 km

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