Te Arai Point

Day 31, Thursday 21 September 2017

Te Arai Point is a lovely little cove on the Pacific Ocean, just south of Mangawhai. The cove has rock spires at each end. To the north is a long white sand beach, to the south a small sandy beach with large patches of bare rock, and there’s another long sandy beach south of that.

It’s reached via a 6 km gravel road. At the moment, the gravel is pretty good, but last time I did it a year or two ago I remember it as being quite rough.

Apparently there’s a developer with plans for the northern beachfront, and a group of locals opposed to those plans. The dispute has been going on for over ten years. I couldn’t see any signs of development happening.


Distance travelled: 220 km. Total distance so far: 4133 km


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