Northern Muriwai Beach

Day 33, Saturday 23 September 2017

The northern end of Muriwai Beach is flat, straight and quite wide, with firm sand but no people. It’s a favourite place for four-wheel drive enthusiasts to go.

To get there, I went through Woodhill Forest on a forestry road. This unsealed road had numerous potholes, bumps and uneven surfaces, but was not difficult to ride on. At the end of the road, just before a carpark, the road disappeared under a large puddle, with a small area of slippery mud as an alternative route. Not trusting the depth of the puddle or the quality of traction under it, I opted for the mud.

Beyond the carpark was an access track to the beach marked as being suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles only. It was soft sand going over dunes, and I knew immediately that it was well beyond my current abilities on a bike. I walked along it to the beach!


Distance travelled: 110 km. Total distance so far: 4417 km

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