Charity ride test run

Day 40, Saturday 30 September 2017

The Auckland branch of Ulysses has a charity ride each year to raise funds and awareness for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust. In previous years, this has been a run up the Auckland motorway. Planning is well under way for the next run in February next year, and today I joined several others in test riding the proposed new route.

We rode from Mercer to Clevedon on back roads, stopping at each corner to discuss how to manage traffic and direct riders. When the actual ride happens, we will have a person stationed on each corner, probably wearing an orange vest to distinguish them from the regular yellow vests most of us wear. I’ll be one of them, and I will point in the direction riders need to go, and also persuade drivers to wait for the riders to pass so cars don’t get mixed in with the ride.

Distance travelled: 149 km. Total distance so far: 5760 km

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