West Mahurangi Regional Park

Day 42, Monday 2 October 2017

A very gusty day, with average wind speed over 50 km/h. I felt I was blown all over the motorway and had trouble staying in my lane at times. The Auckland Harbour Bridge had a sign asking motorcyclists to take extra care. Once I got off the motorway onto country roads, I was much more sheltered and almost forgot about the wind.

Mahurangi Regional Park extends across the Mahurangi Harbour. The eastern side is quite a distance by road from the western. There’s a few hundred kilometres of gravel getting to the western side. There’s a medium sized sandy beach – Otarawao Bay or Sullivan’s Bay, with walks both north and south. The real attraction is the view across the harbour.

I went exploring down a side road, and found Opahi Bay a little further north, a smaller beach outside the regional park.

Mahurangi inlet

Distance travelled: 120 km. Total distance so far: 5933 km

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