Casnell Island

Day 44, Wednesday 4 October 2017

I took a group of Ulyssians to Casnell Island today. Casnell is an island about a kilometre long just off the tip of the Mahurangi peninsula at Scott Landing. At low tide, there’s a causeway connecting it to the mainland. There is a sign prohibiting dogs, camping or fires, but no mention of motor vehicles, so three of us rode our bikes along the beach, across the causeway and onto the island. Riding on the beach and causeway was fine, although I avoided the areas with oyster shells as I thought they might damage the tyres, but getting across a rocky area from a boat ramp to the beach was a bit tricky.

Distance travelled: 208 km. Total distance so far: 6471 km

3 thoughts on “Casnell Island

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