Karekare falls

Day 46, Friday 6 October 2017

Karekare is a beach on Auckland’s West Coast, just south of the better known Piha and accessed by the same road. Lone Kauri Road goes off the Piha Road and is a narrow twisty country road which often has slippery patches and poor seal. A fun road but one which needs to be treated with caution. On the other side of Karekare is a shorter road in better condition going back up to the Piha road.

The beach itself is about a kilometre from the carpark, but that’s not what I went there for. Karekare falls are off a track 100 metres up Lone Kauri Road from the carpark and they’re worth this short walk. There’s a longer walk to the top of the falls, which I’m tempted to do sometime when I’m wearing proper shoes rather than motorcycle boots and not laden down with body armour. Apparently there’s a decent swimming hole at the top.

Distance travelled: 78 km. Total distance so far: 6588 km

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