Pink Ribbon ride

Day 48, Sunday 8 October 2017

The Pink Ribbon ride is an annual fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Riders are encouraged to wear pink, and to decorate their bikes with pink ribbons. I have a pink fluorescent vest which I bought specifically for this event. The ride starts at the Auckland Netball Centre in St Johns, goes along Tamaki Drive and through the city centre, and finishes at Western Springs Stadium. On a fine day it’s a lovely event as there are lots of people on the streets waving to us. Because it’s all on city streets, it’s also suitable for people on small motorcycles and we get people coming on this ride who couldn’t keep up on other charity rides.

Unfortunately, today’s forecast was for substantial rain this morning, and considerably fewer people turned out than was expected. The ride took place in light to moderate rain, so there were few pedestrians. Presumably to make sure the riders stayed together, the lead riders travelled quite slowly, and the result was that I spent quite a lot of the ride in first gear riding at a walking pace, with my attention on the bikes around me rather than on the scenery.

As usual with these charity rides, the police provided excellent support, blocking off intersections so we could keep moving.Pink ribbon2

Photo at Auckland Netball Centre by Dave Crozier

Distance travelled: 40 km. Total distance so far: 6805 km

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