Riverhead Forest

Day 61, Saturday 21 October 2017

I last went to Riverhead Forest about a month ago. I got there by taking Rimmer Road off State Highway 16, which was marked only by a sign saying “Beach”.  I was impressed by the network of forest roads, and planned to go back to explore further. Restall Road a little south of Rimmer has a big sign saying “Riverhead Forest”, so I thought that would be the one to take.

Unfortunately, Restall Road leads to a series of closed gates with private property signs on them, and one forestry road going to Woodhill Mountain Bike Park and Tree Adventures. I was hoping for more roads through the forest. I was hoping for some walking tracks, but there were signs prohibiting pedestrians from the mountain bike trails and from walking through the forest. Tree Adventures, with varied obstacle courses suspended high in the branches, is a great deal of fun, but not what I was looking for on this occasion (I did their activity about twelve years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it). So this excursion was a little bit disappointing.


Distance travelled: 81 km. Total distance so far: 8807 km

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