Day 67, Friday 27 October 2017

I went looking for a view over the Waikato River mouth from the north side today. There are a network of forestry roads in the area, and I’ve previously gone looking for access along Lookout Road from Maioro, but found only a locked gate on a forestry road. Today I tried to find access from the eastern side, via Ghezzie Road. That road ends in a security gate for NZ Steel, but there’s an unsealed forestry road going off to the right which looks promising. The gate into Otaua forest was open but closes overnight. Alas, there was a sign saying “Motorcycles Not Allowed in Otaua Forest”. They’re probably meaning trail bikes, which might churn up their trails, but I respect these signs and chose not to take my adventure bike down the path.

Distance travelled: 163 km. Total distance so far: 9756 km

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