Chelsea Estate Park and Kauri Domain

Day 68, Saturday 28 October 2017

I explored the coastline between Northcote Point and Chatswood today. I visited Birkenhead Wharf and the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, then stopped at Chelsea Estate Park at the end of Onetaunga Road to follow a trail.

The path was very good at first, winding through forest with lots of ferns, and birds singing. I was thinking how nice it was, but then the path started to get muddy, and then it deteriorated further, and after a while it was like an obstacle course. Eventually I gave up. This might be a nice walk at the height of summer, but it’s hard going at this time of year.

I went on to Kauri Point Domain, which had a very good path, leading to Fitzpatrick Bay with views across the Waitematā Harbour. The path has a very steep slope – pretty much a cliff – down to the water, and a couple of dogs had become stuck down the slope the night before, and I watched a group of firefighters rappel down the cliff to rescue them.

Fitzpatrick Bay

Distance travelled: 37 km. Total distance so far: 9793 km

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