Wairere Falls

Day 73, Thursday 2 November 2017

Today I joined a group of Waikato Ulyssians for lunch at the Fantail Cafe at Wairere, about 25 km south of Te Aroha.

Afterwards I went to see Wairere Falls. There’s a track going up from a carpark along the Wairere river valley. It’s a pleasant track through forest, with several crossings of the river via bridges. However, it takes 45 minutes each way, and getting to a viewing platform for the falls is almost entirely uphill with a mixture of proper steps and rocks placed to allow climbing, and I was quite tired by the time I reached the top. The falls were very spectacular. They are the highest falls in the North Island. An branch of the track to the top of the falls is about twice as long and more rugged, and I’m told the view from there is even better.

Distance travelled: 343 km. Total distance so far: 11,040 km

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