Day 78, Tuesday 7 November 2017

Ruawaro is a rural locality to the west of the Waikato River. As far as I know, the locality isn’t anything special. Like Matahuru, east of the Waikato, Ruawaro is on a crossroads with good riding in each direction.

To the north is Rotongaro Road, which runs between Lakes Rotongaro and Whangape with wildlife reserves, and connects to Glen Murray Road running from Rangiriri to Highway 22.

To the east and west is Hetherington Road, which runs from Huntly to Highway 22.

To the south is Waikokowai Road, which ends at Rotoraro Road. That connects Huntly and Pukemiro, which some impressive open case coal mines visible, and a tunnel under a railway line. At the western end of Rotoraro Road is Waingaro Road, which connects Ngaruawahia with the junction of Highway 22 and Ohautira Road.

All these roads I’ve mentioned are sealed twisty country roads, with nice views over farmland.

Distance travelled: 293 km. Total distance so far: 11,619 km

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