Thorne Bay

Day 84, Monday 13 November 2017

There is a coastal walk from Takapuna Beach to Milford Beach. The middle of the walk goes past scoria reefs, and there’s a nice little sandy beach called Thorne Bay, with shade from pōhutukawa trees, and safe swimming. There were a few couples sunbathing when I visited this afternoon, and some people doing the coastal walk. It’s much less busy than most of the North Shore beaches.

There are no facilities here apart from a couple of rubbish bins – the nearest toilets are at Milford. There’s also no road access. The nearest road is Minnehaha Road, and there’s very limited parking available there. The path from the end of Minnehaha Road is steep steps and then there’s a stretch along the scoria. Definitely not wheelchair friendly.

Distance travelled: 34 km. Total distance so far: 12,283 km

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