Ōtuataua Stonefields

Day 89, Saturday 18 November 2017

I rode to Ōtuataua Stonefields in Mangere this afternoon. This historic site has been farmed for hundreds of years with stone walls built to protect the tropical crops from the colder climate. There are three self-guided walks around the area, with a map at the entrance and marker posts at intervals. I found the first marker post for the walk I chose, and followed the arrow on it but couldn’t find the second one. The area is quite rugged and there were no well-defined paths on this particular walk. I suggest it would be a good idea to take a digital photo of the map at the entrance so the route between markers can be referred to while on a walk.

I’ve been to the stonefields a couple of times before. I love the rocky landscape, with views out over the Manukau Harbour.

Distance travelled: 37 km. Total distance so far: 13,016 km

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