Northern gravel, day 2

Day 98, Monday 27 November 2017

We went from Dargaville to Rawene mostly on gravel roads today, with road conditions ranging from good to treacherous. To avoid the exhaustion of the previous day we decided to stop for a tea break a couple of times a day, using a little gas burner one rider had brought.

Our first stop was at Twin Bridges, an odd place where one bridge meets another at a right angle. Later, the lead rider took an unplanned turn, which reduced our total distance, probably a good thing as I think we have been too ambitious in our targets for each day. Lunch in Rawene while waiting for the ferry over the Hokianga harbour, then more gravel between Panguru and Broadwood.

We are staying in Houhora tonight, with a nice view from the campsite.

Distance travelled: 260 km. Total distance so far: 14,200 km

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