Northern gravel, day 4

Day 100, Wednesday 29 November 2017.

While waiting for the other riders to get ready, I rode to Haruru Falls, and even managed to find a few kilometres of bonus gravel in the roads behind the falls.

We rode home from Paihia, sticking to gravel roads until we reached Maungaturoto. At that point there were more options for gravel, but I suggested to the group that we had had enough, and everyone agreed. After a late lunch at Te Hana, we disbanded and returned separately to Auckland.

During this tour we had some rain every day, but never enough to disrupt our plans. We welcomed the rain because it reduced the dust on the gravel roads, even if it wasn’t much fun to ride in. After I got home, there was some quite heavy rain in Auckland, and that wouldn’t have been good if we’d been on the unsealed roads during it.

Distance travelled: 316 km. Total distance so far: 14,829 km

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