Atiu Creek Regional Park

Day 104, Sunday 3 December 2017.

I rode north with a group of riders from the Auckland branch of Ulysses today. There were some unexpected heavy showers, and we sheltered in the Port Waikato General Store. While we were there, riders from the BSA Club joined us, giving an interesting mix of old and new bikes parked in front of the store. The North Harbour branch of Ulysses was due at the store for lunch, so as soon as the showers had cleared we departed so there would be parking space for them.

We went up to Atiu Creek, one of Auckland’s newest regional parks, with views over the Kaipara Harbour, then had lunch in Matakana. On the way, we saw a sizeable group of motorcycles coming north along Matakana Valley Road, which might have been the North Harbour riders.

Distance travelled: 247 km. Total distance so far: 15,154 km

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