Onehunga foreshore

Day 105, Monday 4 December 2017.

When State Highway 20 was built in 1977, the Onehunga foreshore was cut off from the commercial and residential areas of the suburb. However, a couple of years ago the area was redeveloped as a coastal park, and it is now a pleasant place, with cool breezes coming off the Manukau Harbour a welcome relief on a hot day. It will be even better in a few more years once the plantings have matured. The park connects to the Waikōwhai Walkway, a boardwalk going around the coast to Hillsborough. There are also footbridges across the motorway to Onehunga lagoon. It’s a shame that there are still many large power pylons spoiling the views across the water.

Distance travelled: 20 km. Total distance so far: 15,174 km

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