McLachlan memorial

Day 108, Thursday 7 December 2017.

At Mill Bay last Friday, I saw a monument up on Puponga Point at Cornwallis, and decided to investigate it further on a later ride. Today seemed like the time to do so. The monument is the McLachlan memorial, and plaques on it explain it records the arrival of a party of settlers to Cornwallis in 1841, and the later donation of 1927 acres of land to Auckland City to form a park by the son of one of the settlers.

The road up to the carpark for the monument is sealed apart from the last 100 metres, which is no-fuss gravel. There’s about a ten minute walk on a somewhat steep but otherwise easy track from the carpark to the monument. Views over Cornwallis and the Manukau Harbour are worth the hike.

Distance travelled: 56 km. Total distance so far: 15,508 km

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