St Heliers

Day 117, Saturday 16 December 2017.

St Heliers is a suburb and beach a little further along Tamaki Drive than Mission Bay. The beach is similar with white sand, safe swimming and a view of Rangitoto Island. Like Mission Bay, which I visited about five weeks ago, there’s a pavement separating the beach from a grassy domain with pōhutukawa trees. However, the domain is much narrower here; it’s suitable for lying in the shade but not for playing games. There’s a large playing field across the road instead.

Like Mission Bay, St Heliers has a row of cafes and bars across the road, but it also has a reasonably comprehensive shopping centre extending for a block inland. I like this greater range of shops, and the prices at the cafes is much more reasonable as soon as you go even a few metres away from the sea views. Best of all, St Heliers is much less crowded than Mission Bay.

Distance travelled: 31 km. Total distance so far: 16,515 km

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