Milky Bar run

Day 133, Monday 1 January 2018.

I thought it would feel odd not riding for six days, but being on holiday is a different world and I had different surroundings and different people to talk to. I’m back in the saddle for the new year, and still well ahead on my 100 km per day minimum average distance.

The Milky Bar run is an event organised by Auckland Ulysses, which has run every New Year’s Day for more than 20 years. It was started by Trevor Birchall, who led it each year until a couple of years ago, when he moved out of Auckland. He still attends it, but no longer leads. The run takes advantage of the unusually quiet roads around Auckland central on the first of January. Originally it started quite early in the morning: 6:30 am. Nowadays it starts at 8:30 and we can sleep in.

Today’s ride went from the central city along Tamaki Drive into the eastern suburbs, with stops at Achilles Point, Half Moon Bay and Musick Point, and a ride through Maraetai. We finished at Mercer, one of the few places which can accommodate dozens of bikers for lunch on a public holiday. The weather was just right; not too hot, and the rain stayed away until after the ride was finished. A great way to start the new year.

Distance travelled: 190 km. Total distance so far: 17,588 km

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