Drury South

Day 134, Tuesday 2 January 2018.

Ulysses rides on Tuesdays usually go south, but we prefer to avoid the motorway, taking the minor roads to the east or west. Today we went down Fitzgerald and Ramarama Road, and as a shower loomed, stopped to give riders a chance to change into their wet weather gear. “This road will disappear soon”, commented the lead rider. In the distance, I could see major construction, and he told me the whole area was being redeveloped into an industrial park. It feels a little odd to be riding on a road that won’t exist in a few years time.

The ride meandered around the northern Waikato and concluded with the Kaiaua loop. There’s a larger ride around this loop planned for tonight’s full moon, and we thought we could scout the road conditions and let our comrades know what to look out for: some gravel areas, potholes, clay in the middle of the lane, and soft tar.

Distance travelled: 241 km. Total distance so far: 17,829 km

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