Day 139, Sunday 7 January 2018.

I joined a North Harbour Ulysses ride up to Waipu. Today is the last day off work for many New Zealanders, and we were anticipating that traffic would be heavy on the way home as Aucklanders returned from Northland. We had not considered that such people would be stopping for lunch on their way, and the Waipu Pizza Barn, where we planned to have lunch, had a wait time of over 90 minutes. Three of us walked around the corner to a bakery, where we were served immediately and had a table outside to sit at. The other couple of dozen Ulyssians went to the pub for lunch. Once the three of us had finished our lunch, we returned to Auckland. The roads were no more congested than on a typical Sunday, but perhaps they’ll get more busy later in the day.26230204_1533019960067434_6531194520987851064_n

Photo by Peter Webb at the start point

Distance travelled: 282 km. Total distance so far: 18,428 km

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