Te Atatu Peninsula

Day 143, Thursday 11 January 2018.

Te Atatu Peninsula is one of Auckland’s more recently developed suburbs, as it was rural land until the Northwestern Motorway connected it to the central city in the mid 1950s. It’s about four km long and two km wide, and extends into the Waitematā Harbour west of the Harbour Bridge. There are many parks with extensive walkways between them and around the coast, and views over the harbour and of the city. It seems like a nice place.

Today I visited Harbour View Beach Reserve, with plans to walk one of the tracks, perhaps visit a historic house in the area, and then go on to visit some of the other parks on the peninsula. I had to cut my visit short, but I intend to return and explore the peninsula further.

Distance travelled: 32 km. Total distance so far: 18,899 km

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