Whitford coast

Day 145, Saturday 13 January 2018.

I explored the coast near Whitford today. Whitford is a locality east of Auckland with some cafes and shops. It is on Turanga Creek, which runs into the Waitematā Harbour, but at the commercial centre, the creek is small and not scenic. To the west and east, sealed roads to the coast go through fertile farmland and lifestyle blocks.

On the west, Broomfields Road leads to a reserve near the mouth of the Mangemangeroa Creek, which has a sandy beach, but no shade. There was no one else in sight here, but lots of boats anchored at the mouth.

On the east side of Whitford, Clifton and Potts Roads lead to Whitford beach at Turanga Creek mouth, with a very shallow estuary, again with many boats anchored further out. There were several people in the water, perhaps collecting shellfish. No shade here either.

First two photos at Broomfields Point Reserve. Second two at Whitford beach.

Distance travelled: 82 km. Total distance so far: 19,018 km

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