A wet day in rush hour

Day 150, Thursday 18 January 2018.

Heavy rain was forecast for this afternoon, so I decided to do a short ride in the light rain of the morning rush hour. The forecast said 113 mm of rain was expected today. Just before heading off on my ride I checked it again and took a screenshot; the expected rain had dropped to 87.8 mm. When I got home, the heavy rain in the afternoon had disappeared, with only 36.5 mm expected. Such is life.

I enjoyed my ride in rush hour traffic, zipping up the bus lanes past the stationary cars. My wet weather gear kept me dry, and although I kept an eye out for cars which might fail to see me, everyone was well behaved.

The forecast heavy rain in the afternoon did not eventuate, with a final rain measurement of 20 mm. It appears that in my effort to avoid the rain, I rode in hte heaviest rain of the day!


Distance travelled: 18 km. Total distance so far: 20,025 km

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