Shakespear Regional Park

Day 151, Friday 19 January 2018.

I rode to Shakespear Regional Park today, which is at the end of the Whangaparoa Peninsula north of Auckland. Most of this park is protected by a predator-proof fence, and as it is close to the bird sanctuary at Tititiri Matangi island, birds migrating from there also benefit. There’s a lovely white sand beach at Te Haruhi Bay, which doesn’t have any shade right on the beach but there’s an extensive domain with plenty of shade trees just inland.

I also went to a beach in the park but outside the fence: Army Bay, also a nice beach. Like Cheltenham Beach I went to recently, this has a pillbox. This one was intended to protect the beach against a Japanese invasion in WWII. There’s an area of New Zealand Defence Force land just beyond this beach.

First four pictures: Te Haruhi Bay. Last three pictures: Army Bay.

Distance travelled: 111 km. Total distance so far: 20,136 km

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