Nikau Cave Cafe

Day 155, Tuesday 23 January 2018.

Our Auckland Ulysses ride today went to Nikau Cave Cafe. It was a showery day, but although the roads were wet we managed to dodge any significant rainfall. We had a nice lunch in the sunshine.

After lunch, we found one bike had a flat battery, but were able to start it with jumper leads borrowed from the cafe. On the way we found three Harley riders at a patch of gravel on Highway 22. One had come off due to a pothole, and his bike was being loaded onto a truck.

As we approached Mercer, a heavy shower began and we took shelter. It didn’t last long, so we put our gear back on, said goodbye to each other, and rode off again just as another shower started!


Distance travelled: 239 km. Total distance so far: 20,472 km

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