Ōmeru Scenic Reserve

Day 159, Saturday 27 January 2018.

Auckland Council’s magazine Our Auckland has a ‘Gem of the Month’ article in each issue. The February 2018 issue, just published, stars Ōmeru Scenic Reserve. I’ve ridden past this on State Highway 16 many times without stopping, so today I went to see what it had to offer.

It was quite busy, presumably because of the Our Auckland writeup, and also because this is the first day of the long Auckland Anniversary Weekend. A broad walking track goes from the carpark down a hill and across a bridge. After that it becomes steep and narrow, and ends up being quite a scramble through the bush (especially when you’re wearing motorcycle boots). However, it leads to several very pleasant small waterfalls and swimming holes.

Omeru falls

Waitangi falls

Top photo: Ōmeru falls. Bottom: Waitangi falls.

Distance travelled: 119 km. Total distance so far: 20,941 km

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