Super blue blood moon

Day 163, Wednesday 31 January 2018.

Second ride of the day. I met up with a group of North Harbour Ulyssians in the evening to try to catch a view of the super blue blood moon tonight. It was super because it’s at its closest point to earth, therefore slightly larger in appearance than usual, blue because its the second full moon of the month, and blood because there’s an eclipse later tonight and the moon will appear reddish.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy, and although we went to three different beaches we could see no more than a glimmer through the cloud. The high tide was spectacular though, with spray thrown up over the road. People were taking advantage of the surf and warm water to swim.

Eventually we gave up hope of seeing the moon and disbanded. On the way home, I got a lovely view of the moon, which had broken free of the clouds briefly. By the time I got back to central Auckland, the cloud cover was thick again, and it stayed like that all night.


Pictures taken by John Heebink.

Distance travelled: 77 km. Total distance so far: 21,735 km

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