Donald McLean lookout

Day 168, Monday 5 February 2018.

Yesterday while we were at the Awhitu lighthouse looking across Manukau Harbour, someone mentioned that there was a lookout on the northern side of the harbour, just off the Whatipu road. I’ve noticed a road heading north from the road between Huia and Whatipu but never previously investigated it.

It rained quite hard as I rode out towards Huia, and I wondered if the gravel roads further on would be difficult. A couple of waterfalls had sprung from the cliffs near Little Huia over the road, and the ford at Little Huia was deeper than I’ve seen it before. However by this point the sun had come out again. The gravel was well behaved, although there were a couple of patches of mud on Donald McLean Road, which were easy to avoid. The road ends in a carpark, and a narrow track leads upwards around the hill.

The track is about half a kilometre long, and ends at a trig point with two viewing platforms, and there are wonderful views over Manukau Harbour to Awhitu, and of Whatipu and Cornwallis. Well worth the trip.


Distance travelled: 71 km. Total distance so far: 22,168 km

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