Halls Beach

Day 171, Thursday 8 February 2018.

Inspired by an article in the New Zealand Herald about Auckland’s secrets, I went to see Halls Beach Reserve in Northcote Point today. This is a small reserve off Queen St in Northcote, with a steep path in poor condition zigzagging down a slope to the water’s edge. There’s a huge old pōhutukawa tree with limbs blocking the path and extending over the water. At high tide, as the Herald article recommends, the water laps against the seawall. There’s a nice view of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The author of the Herald article proposed to his girlfriend here. He calls it stunning, and compares it to the most idyllic and romantic location he’s visited. I’m glad to have explored it, but I can think of many more romantic and idyllic places.

Distance travelled: 25 km. Total distance so far: 22,777 km

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