Auckland Rescue Helicopter ride

Day 174, Sunday 11 February 2018.

The rain held off as we assembled at Mercer for the Auckland branch of Ulysses annual charity ride to support the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust. The forecast undoubtedly deterred some riders however. We had about 150 registrations, most of them in advance, and about 80 bikes were on the ride.

Skirting the Hunua Ranges, it was quite wet, and a couple of bikes failed to take one corner, but no injuries resulted. The marshals all did their jobs well; it was a very well organised ride.

Shortly after we reached our destination, Clevedon Hotel, heavy rain began falling. However, once we had eaten lunch and gone through the formalities of thanking the sponsors and holding raffle draws and auctions, the rain stopped for long enough for us to pull on our riding gear and set off home. It did rain heavily again on the way home, but my wet weather gear held up very well.

Photos by Mark Taupaki Marsters. First: at Mercer. Second: at Clevedon.

Distance travelled: 150 km. Total distance so far: 23,087 km

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