24 k service

Day 175, Monday 12 February 2018.

I took my adventure bike in for its 24,000 km service, which is a major one. It also needed two new tyres, so I knew it was going to be expensive. I wasn’t expecting that the steering head bearings would also need replacement as 24,000 km doesn’t seem like a high mileage. My sports tourer needed new steering head bearings at 78k. Possibly, the bearings wear more quickly because the bike is subject to more jarring on gravel roads. So, a somewhat more expensive service than I was expecting.

The new tyres are Continental TKC 70s, which are a dual purpose tyre a little more gravel-orientated than the Bridgestone Trailwings I’ve had up until now. I’ll see how they handle on both tarmac and gravel over the next few weeks.

Distance travelled: 12 km. Total distance so far: 23,099 km

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