Riding in gusty winds

Day 183, Tuesday 20 February 2018.

Cyclone Gita is hitting New Zealand well south of Auckland, but we are feeling the effects of its peripheral winds. I took a small group of Ulyssians to Port Waikato today. The Waikato River, normally very calm, was showing white peaks, and gusts blew us around the road a bit.

Riding in the wind can be tricky. Some bikes are more suited to it than others. I took my sports-tourer today. It’s a heavy bike, which makes it less affected by the wind. In contrast, my adventure bike is lighter, higher and has a windscreen which is more nearly vertical, and is much more affected by gusts. The adventure bike also has less power, and is noticeably slowed by head winds.

On the motorway coming home after lunch, the gusts were stronger, and it took extra concentration to keep the sports-tourer in its lane.


Photo from https://earth.nullschool.net

Distance travelled: 199 km. Total distance so far: 24,065 km

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