Tāwharanui and Baddeleys Beach

Day 184, Wednesday 21 February 2018.

I went back to Tāwharanui Regional Park today. I’ve been monitoring the progress of sealing Takatu Road, and sometime since my last visit in December it is complete. This is now a very pleasant road to ride along, and the destination has always been worthwhile. Today I visited at high tide, and noticed that a flat rocky outcrop at one end of Anchor Bay was under water, while on my previous trip it was well above water level, and I wandered around it.

I also visited Baddeleys Beach, a small sandy beach on the south side of the Tāwharanui peninsula. It’s nice when the tide is in but the shore is shallow so the tide goes a long way out.

Distance travelled: 203 km. Total distance so far: 24,268 km

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