Day 187, Saturday 24 February 2018.

I went exploring in the Okura area today. Okura is a small settlement on the south side of the Okura River, which is part of the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve. Okura seems to have no facilities other than a community hall. I was there at high tide, and the road ended abruptly on a steep downhill slope into the water. This is a tricky place to turn a motorcycle around!

I then took Vaughans Road east, as my map shows a several roads going off Vaughans and approaching the river. However, Vaughans ends in a locked gate, and an extensive development site. I thought at the time this was part of the Long Bay development which I visited in October, but it might be the extension of this into Okura which I understood is still being considered by the Environment Court.

First photo: Long Bay development viewed from Vaughans Road. Other photos: Okura River from the end of Okura River Road.

Distance travelled: 61 km. Total distance so far: 24,380 km

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