Fletcher Bay

Day 191, Wednesday 28 February 2018

I rode over the 309 road between Whitianga and Coromandel, which is an alternative route to State Highway 25 and has a number of points of interest including pigs wandering along one stretch of the road. About a dozen km are gravel, but it is quite easy gravel.

After brunch in Coromandel town, I led a group of motorcyclists up to Colville on nice scenic sealed roads, then a smaller group on gravel roads to Port Jackson at the north end of the Coromandel peninsula, and beyond to Fletcher Bay. Wonderful views from the road, and well-behaved gravel. On the way back I separated from my companions and came back solo via Kennedy Bay, which was scenic but the gravel varied repeatedly between good, bad and ugly, which made it difficult to settle into any routine. From Coromandel town to Whitianga I thoroughly enjoyed not having the responsibility of leading a ride for the first time this trip, and threw the bike into corners exuberantly!

Distance travelled: 224 km. Total distance so far: 25,173 km

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