Return from Whitianga

Day 193, Friday 2 March 2018.

I rode back to Auckland today, leaving the pretty but also rather consistently wet town of Whitianga. Almost every time I’ve been there, I have found heavy rain. Maybe I just pick the wrong times.

There were a few showers on the way home but nothing to worry about. However, it had rained quite a bit overnight. I thought about riding home via the Coroglen-Tapu Road, which I haven’t ridden on for a couple of years, but it’s gravel and gets slippery in the wet, so I came back via State Highway 25A from Hikuai to Kopu, which is a nice twisty road across the Coromandel Range.


Photo taken at Mercury Bay (Whitianga) this morning, at high tide.

Distance travelled: 196 km. Total distance so far: 25,426 km

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