Wainui back roads

Day 194, Saturday 3 March 2018.

Wainui is a locality north of Auckland. There isn’t much there apart from a school and a golf club, and the area is mostly lifestyle blocks. I went to explore a couple of roads that I haven’t ridden on before.

First was Windmill Drive. This is a dead-end country road, winding pleasantly for a few kilometres before further progress is barred by a “private property” sign (although the road appears to continue on unchange3d). The Wainui Golf Club occupies much of the land along the road, and it appears to be very large and varied. There was no sign of a windmill!

Whitehills Road is a broader road, also winding through countryside. It forms a triangle with Waitoki Road and Kahikatea Flat road, so any group ride which is going from Kaukapakapa to Silverdale (or vice versa) could turn left onto Waitoki and then right onto Whitehills for a bit of variety.

Distance travelled: 94 km. Total distance so far: 25,520 km

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