Waikowhai Bay

Day 196, Monday 5 March 2018.

Today I rode down Cape Horn Road off Hillsborough Road admiring the view from high above the Manukau Harbour. At the end of the road there are small parking areas, and a set of steep steps down to the Waikowhai Walkway and Waikowhai Bay. I was there almost exactly at the mid point between high and low tide, but the water was very close to the shore leaving very little beach. Back at Cape Horn Road I walked back about 100 metres to another track going down to Wattle Bay, but I’ll explore that another time.

Between the two walkways a long drive leads to the Maxim Institute, which is out of sight of the road. This think tank appears to be mostly conservative. I was not expecting to find such an organisation hosted down this quiet street. They must have stunning views from their offices.

Distance travelled: 16 km. Total distance so far: 25,724 km

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