Ring Around Auckland

Day 199, Thursday 8 March 2018.

There were frequent showers today, some of them heavy. I thought of a few possible destinations for rides, but destinations aren’t much fun when its wet; even if they’re indoors I have wet gear to take care of. I decided just to go for a ride and see where it took me.

I ended up riding in a loop right around Auckland City, mostly on motorways. The advantages of being on a motorway in the rain is that the faster pace makes the motorcycle fairing more effective at deflecting the rain, and it’s safer because there’s no opposing traffic or uncontrolled entrances. Also, any slippery diesel spills are likely to be cleaned up very quickly.

I was a little damp when I got home, but I enjoyed this ride in the rain.

Distance travelled: 55 km. Total distance so far: 26,104 km

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