Cyclone Hola

Day 203, Monday 12 March 2018.

I’m riding on the Northern Odyssey for the next few days with a group of Ulyssians from the Auckland and North Harbour branches. The Northern Odyssey is a ride organised by Waikato Ulysses where we have to answer trivia questions about our location at points along the route. This year the route goes from Auckland up to Cape Reinga and back.

Today we rode from Auckland to Dargaville, taking many detours along the way. As Cyclone Hola is over Northland, it rained from late morning on, but the rain was not as heavy as earlier forecasts predicted, and the wind was less strong. By tomorrow the storm will have moved on and we can enjoy the rest of our ride in good weather.

Distance travelled: 360 km. Total distance so far: 26,798 km

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