Dingle Dell

Day 213, Thursday 22 March 2018

Dingle Dell is a medium sized park near St Heliers. There’s a large irregularly-shaped grassy area with some semi-hidden areas, and several bush walks.

I’ve been to Dingle Dell a number of times. I ran on the Round the Bays Run a few times with people from Landcare Research, and they had a post-run picnic at the dell. Landcare also held a 24-hour BioBlitz here to explore the biological diversity of the area.

When I visited today, several of the bush walks were closed due to construction, and there was a truck in the middle of the lawn with a generator running, which drowned out the usual birdsong and rather spoiled the ambiance. No doubt the construction will be complete soon and the dell will return to tranquillity.


Distance travelled: 28 km. Total distance so far: 28,332 km

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