Puketāpapa / Mount Roskill

Day 223, Sunday 1 April 2018

Work is almost complete on closing the summit of Puketāpapa / Mt Roskill to traffic. I went to look at progress today, expecting that I would need to park at the bottom of the hill. However, the road up the hill was open, and I rode up until a fence blocked the road near the lower summit carpark. The fence was supposed to extend right across the grass, but had blown over, and there were no signs saying “Keep out”, so I parked the bike and walked to the top. Most of the concrete ring road at the top has been removed, and grass has already replaced it. There’s still some work in progress on the lower summit carpark, but this is quite small and will only fit a few vehicles.

I’m in favour of the summits of our volcanic cones being closed to vehicles, but having access close to the summit for this one gives options for people who are unable to walk very far, and I think that’s a good compromise.

I last visited Mount Roskill in November. I wasn’t able to ride up to the summit then either, because I was there before the gate opened.

Distance travelled: 9 km. Total distance so far: 29,238 km


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