Speedy Reserve

Day 224, Monday 2 April 2018

Speedy Reserve is an area of bush which was set aside when the area inland of Mairangi Bay was developed in the 1970s. I started at the top of Bellbird Rise, where there is no sign of the reserve. A strip of grass runs next to the driveway for number 55, and it felt like I was walking on someone’s lawn. At the end of the strip, steps go down, and there is a sign warning of poison laid in the area, which is the only indication that this is public land.

The path is in good condition, with steps on steep sections and boardwalks in places. It goes through mature bush with lots of tree ferns. I followed the path through to Saddleback Rise, where it came out again looking like I was on someone’s driveway, though there was a small sign saying “Public walkway”.

Distance travelled: 44 km. Total distance so far: 29,282 km

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